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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by newstdt, Aug 23, 2001.

  1. newstdt

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    Well, recently out of bk. I would love to have a m/c for renting a car when I go home to visit. Does anyone know who Orchard pulls?? I just sent my first round of disputes to Experian and TU. But I've yet to get my Equifax report. With my luck that's who they pull.

    Well, the offer I got today sounds pretty decent considering others i've gotten. 60.00 annual fee, variable rate, 25 day grace period. At least there are not 200.00 worth of charges before I even get the card like some offers I've gotten lately!

    Any advice would be appreciated. This offer is good thru Oct 21, so I better get on my equifax rpts.
  2. making

    making Well-Known Member

    In general, check out millcbs.com to see who pulls what in your area. It looks like Orchard may pull experian for everyone.

    Here's what I'd recommend...apply right now for orchard, capone secured, providian, and FCNB. (skipping of course any you had included in bk) I would bet you'd get at least one - even with (possibly disputed) errors on your reports. Then work on cleaning the reports. That way you will be letting those account age while you clean your reports.
  3. sam

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    i got an orchard and a household card. Both pulled experian both times. Orchard is a worse card, imo. Make sure when you apply, your accounts are "in dispute" it will raise your score.

    orchard is easy to work, when you get the card, call up threaten to cancel, and you'll get one of the following:

    yearly fee back
    credit increase
    lower APR.

    Then call back in a couple months and repeat as necessary.

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