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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Anne, Mar 17, 2000.

  1. Anne

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    Have anybody had dealings with this bank? I looked on their website but it didnt have any option for me to apply for a Visa I didn't want to apply for a Mastercard.
  2. HB

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    If you either call them or send them an Email, you could probably have them mail you a VISA card application. I applied for the Mastercard and was approved and got my card all within about 15 days. The annual fee is bit high (69$ on the website) and they calculate your grace period based on the two cycle method, so you've got to pay in full two months in a row to get the grace period, but they're not bad. I think in fact they are probably the best sub-prime CC company. Also they now have online access to your account, which I like too. You can also set up a service to pay your bill online through your checking account- there doesn't seem to be a charge for this. I'd recommend them to you. Do contact them and I'm sure they'll send you a VISA application.


  3. CardReport

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    Why does it matter whether it's a Visa or a MasterCard? Virtually every merchant in America that accepts one also accepts the other. (Some other parts of the world are different, though.)

    From the perpective of the cardholder, there is *no* practical difference between a Visa and a MasterCard. A bank might issue both brands with the exact same terms.

    The main reason why Visa is more popular than MasterCard in America is really just heavier advertising.

  4. The Wad

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    I have the visa, rcvd letter from them cost 19 dollars to process rcvd 300 limit...no other charges...had for 6 months never any problems
  5. The Pup

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    If you e-mail feedback@orchardbank.com, they can get you pointing toward a Visa or M/C. But they are about the same as far as being accepted. I don't think they are going to charge you to auto withdraw money from you account for monthly payments. And if you are in the PDX or London, KY area, you can go get a job because they are hiring right now. http:www.rhi-bankcard.com
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    Do you know if Orchard Bank FSB and Orchard Bank are the same banks?

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