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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by DaveLV, Jun 1, 2001.

  1. DaveLV

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    When I checked my Orchard account online today I saw they've given me a $200 increase. When I first got my Household and Orchard cards a little over a year ago I didn't really need them, so I put them in a drawer and never used them. They never gave me any credit increases in that year (obviously).

    Since March when I found this board and read that it was a good idea to have activity on all of my cards, I've started using both for little things. In April I got an automatic increase on my Household card. In May I called their retention and got my APR lowered to 15.9% on both accounts, and today I got the CL increase on the Orchard card.

    It seems like a no-brainer, but I sure didn't know about the usage thing before I came here. I guess I figured if I kept a zero balance they'd try to entice me to use the cards by improving the terms. I've found out that the real trick is to use accounts as much as you can, carry a balance every now and then and to either pay down or pay off an account before you call to ask for better terms.

    It's working. Since March I've gotten $2,500 more credit from Providian, grace on one account an a 15.9 APR on the other, $250 more credit from Capital One and an APR reduction to 15.9, and $400 more credit from Orchard/Household and an APR reduction to 15.9 on both accounts. I got Nextcard in March, but it's too new to have any positive results.

    Thanks everyone for the great advice.
  2. Jim

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    Dave - Congrats!! are called for.

    The amazing thing is that this is just the beginning. I have been on the board since last fall. I had no idea how credit works because until 1998 whenever I asked for credit - I received credit.

    Now you are a client of Lex, opening credit, lowering apr.'s etc.

    Your story is mine except I used Junum not Lex.

    The board is invaluable.
  3. dinob12

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    Just wanted to say that I had no credit just 2 months ago...Now I have 4 credit cards and thanks to the hours of reading posts all the way back to last year I am now an extremely informed on how to play the credit game....So thankful that I found this site early in my life..:)

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