Orchard/First Premier...Highest CL?

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by topazmoon, Mar 21, 2002.

  1. topazmoon

    topazmoon Well-Known Member

    What's the highest credit limit you've received for a Orchard or First Premier Card? How long did it take you to receive CL increases and did you have to pay for them? Also...what's your APR?

    Thanks in advance!!!

  2. mambomn

    mambomn Well-Known Member

    In Jan, I received Orchard/Household Plat card with $5,000 CL and a promo APR of 1.7 for six months. At the time of application, they pulled Equifax (710).
    I will wait six months before requesting a CL increase.
  3. thecatslai

    thecatslai Well-Known Member

    This is my experience..

    First Premier has lots of upfront charges. They increased my CL after perfect payments for 6 months. The increase was only $100 and cost me $25. They said they will never charge for an increase again but won't automatically increase until the card is 1 year old and annually after that. They do have a button on their website to ask for one though. They charge you $5 to make an online payment. My rate is 18.95. and my initial CL was $450. They also charge a monthly service fee and an annual fee based on your credit worthyness. I really don't recommend them.

    My husband has a Household bank card that he got from a preapproval offer in the mail. The CL is only $300. The annual fee is $49 and the interest rate is 18.9. He hasn't had the card long enough to determine how often the CL will be increased.

    If you can get Capital One to give you a chance I think they are the best. I wish I had never gotten the First Premier card because soon after I got the preapproval from Cap One and they are much better.

    We had a Chap. 7 discharged a couple of years ago.

  4. daveberk

    daveberk Well-Known Member

    I have two Orchard cards. A classic opened in 1994 has a credit line of $5K. No increases in two years. APR 15.9. Annual fee has been waived every year but I have to ask.

    The other is a gold card opened in 1998. Limit is $3,100. Increases every three months in the range of $200-$300. APR 15.9. Annual fee is waived every year but I have to ask.

    I think $5K is as high as they will go on the card I got in 1994 but I'm told they go higher on other cards. One rep. told me they have some accounts as high as $15K.

    I tried to combine the accounts and they said no. They gave me some stupid reason why they couldn't do it. I hardly ever charge anything on Orchard. The APRs are way higher than any other cards I have. I keep them because they are old but I'm getting fed up with Orchard's bullshit.
  5. Slayer

    Slayer Well-Known Member

    has anyone ever done a PFB to Orchard for CL increase? I haven't used mine for 8 months, and they stopped giving me increases, and stopped reporting. I only keep it open because it's a 4 year old account.

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