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    I just received an offer from Orchard Bank for a Mastercard for $1000 and 15.9% apr and $79 annual fee. I already have a mastercard with them ($2000 limit, 19.6 apr, and $39 annual fee opened 11/00.) Do you think they would add this offer to my card instead of making me get another one? I really don't need anohter c/c (have 5.)I would like to have the limit increase to raise my debt ratios though. I only plan on keeping this card for 2 more years(just using it for re-building).

    BTW - Junum came through for me 6 items deleted with Experian on my first round :)
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    Orchard in the upcoming months will be implementing new policies, they are presently working on a plan to roll good customers over to Household branded cards with a lower apr and higher credit lines. I could almost guarantee they wont do what your looking for in regards to carrying just the one card. If I were you, I would attempt to hold off for a few months until this Household roll over program comes around (better terms, no annual fee, and lower apr). Best of luck to you.

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    To Sean Re: Orchard

    Where did you get that information?
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    Re: To Sean Re: Orchard


    From Household Bank corporate employee, Household, as i'm sure you're aware owns Orchard.


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