Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by jzilla, Mar 29, 2001.

  1. jzilla

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    Well some good news to help me feel better. Orchard just approved me for another credit increase. $200 on my regular MC($900 limit) and a $250 automated increase($500 limit) on my gold. I've heard complaints on the board about them being stingy but I've gotten regular increases from them from day one without asking. The $200 increase is my first request for one and it came right after an increase less than 1 1/2 months ago. I called to upgrade to their plus and ended up with an increase. I can live with that.;)
  2. Himmel

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    I got an increase w/ them as well after being w/ them for over a year. Up to $850. Guess I'm not worth the extra $50 bucks for an even $900 limit.

    I openned Aria Persona at about the same time. Received an increase of $500 ($500 limit) at the expense of $35. I never responded and was awarded $100 increase. This card gets shredded in June when the $89 annual fee comes due in July. :)

    Reasons why I'm sticking w/ Orchard over Aria:
    -less annual fee
    -regular automated increases
    -cash advance up to the limit, whereas I'm allowed only
    $100 in cash advance per day w/ Aria.

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