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    I remember that some time ago there was a place mentioned here several different times that was *not* owned by Deluxe Corp. A girl in my office today asked me where was a good place to order checks online. She does not have any kind of issues, i.e. Chexsystems, or anything like that, but I just hate Deluxe Corp and would like to refer her to "that other place". Can anyone refresh my memory as to what the web address was for the non-Deluxe-Corp check printing place?

    Thanks in advance.

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    MOCAFEEN Guest

    No, that's not the one. Thanks, though.
  4. Bruce

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    try: www.checksinthemail.com,www.imagechecks.com or www.designerchecks.com
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    There is also

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    ChecksUnlimited is also known as Current. Could that be it?

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    No, I am pretty sure Deluxe Corp is at the top of that food chain as well. Anyway, I think imagechecks.com was the one I had in mind. Thanks all!


    JacquiG wrote:
    ChecksUnlimited is also known as Current. Could that be it?
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    btw - why do you hate deluxe?

    just curious

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    RE: btw - why do you hate delu

    I hate Deluxe because they own everything from Chexsystems to collection agencies to any company that ever had anything to do with writing a check or opening a bank account. They even own the companies that print the checks. I would not be surprised if they own the companies that manufacture the ink to print the checks, the forests from which they mill the paper, and a farm full of cows to make those lovely little leather checkbooks. I exaggerate, but that's just me. :)

    Anyway, I had a co-worker once who was on Chexsystems and finally got a bank to open her an account, then she ordered checks for it from one of these operations owned by Deluxe. They wouldn't even PRINT her checks for the account she got, because she was on Chexsystems. I am sure, however, that once they'd received her order they were happy to have all of her info (current address, bank account number, etc.) so they could share it with any applicable collection agencies. Maybe they don't do that, I don't know, but I don't trust them any further than I could throw them and I surely try to refer anyone I can away from one of their businesses. I't all just too Orwellian for me and it gives me the creeps.

    Wordy as always :)

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