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  1. Irish Diva

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    OK, now this really burns me. OSI claims to have an account of mine from Fingerhut in the amount of over $500.
    They sent it to my former place of employment (from over 2 years ago!) and my old boss just e-mailed me about it. She's going to mail it to me, and in the meantime I've got examples of Lizardking's validation letters to work on. Since they don't have my correct address or last name (now married and changed) and I don't even remember having an account with Fingerhut, what are my next steps? I have not seen this on my CBR, and I just pulled all three last month. Should I send validation? I don't want any of this stuff going to where I used to work. I have no idea how they even got that address! Can you tell I'm a bit upset?!?! How embarrassing! Any help from Roni, Lizardking, et al would be appreciated. I did a search on OSI but did not see anything particular to Fingerhut. THanks in advance!

    A rather PO'd diva.
  2. Cadillac408

    Cadillac408 Well-Known Member

    Something similar happened to me w/ Fingerhut. I was dealing w/ Plaza & Associates to pay off my Target chargeoff and they informed me that I had TWO accounts with them. One was a Fingerhut account that was over $1k!!!!!! I about lost my mind. I wrote them a dispute letter (at their request) so fast!!!! They told me that once they got the dispute letter that they would send the account back to the original creditor. I haven't heard a word from Fingerhut and this was back in like July 2000. Yes I did have a Fingerhut account but NO I didn't order anything from them since like 1994. Everything that I've orderd from them didn't even total $300. Where did they get over $1k?????? I have bank statements to prove this if it comes down to it.
  3. Irish Diva

    Irish Diva Guest

    Yikes - that's a lot of their "lovely" merchandise! Same here - if I even ever had one, it would have been around the same time frame, so SOL, guys! Thank goodness for this board - nothing like the support I get here and the answers too!
  4. Christi

    Christi Well-Known Member

    My mother got a letter from them also about 2 weeks ago, claiming she ordered one item from them in Dec 1993 and had a remaining balance of $684. They are out of their mind. I called them and basically told them off, pretending to be her. She doesn't do stuff like that. What is even more aggravating is that she had her checkbook out about to pay the suckers.


    GEORGE Well-Known Member

    There has been a lot of negative press about some businesses (don't know about FINGERHUT)...they sent "ACTIVE" cards to people in years past...they didn't actually get to their intended address...SO THEY NEVER GOT THEM OR USED THE CARD, BUT OTHER PEOPLE HAD FUN USING THEM FOR FREE!!!
  6. Shantel

    Shantel Well-Known Member

    I had the same kind of problem. From back in 97, they said I owed them $248. They sent me an itemized bill.

    The thing is, until Fingerhut got this "credit issuer", they sent their books to whoever and anyone at that address could purchase stuff.

    I'm not paying them jack s**t. I lived with someone during that time and I want proof that its me. It hasn't been reported on my CRA...never has, but I applied for credit and was denied for this reason I presume. NO ONE is denied Fingerhut credit.
  7. Cadillac408

    Cadillac408 Well-Known Member

    Who would want Fingerhut credit anyways? Knowing what I know now.....I just assume go to Sammy "The Bull" for a loan. It would be cheeper! :-O
  8. Shantel

    Shantel Well-Known Member

    LOL MP, I was trying to get a digital camera. But I gave up on it until I can pay cash. After I applied, I wanted to cancel my request anyhow (before I found out I was denied).

    If I had been approved, I wouldn't have used it. But that isn't an issue now is it?

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