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    Donna, Gregory, and Marci, Thanks .It is a nice letter but sent RR itâ??s really meant to take a very pro-active stance. With their letter in hand, I could send a copy to the CRAâ??s as a statement of fact to easily correct any mistakes by PVN. It is completely truthful and defines what I demand. It puts them on notice that they must perform in a timely fashion and the standards of performance required. It also tells them the clock is ticking. 30,29,28,27â?¦.
    In small claims it tells the Judge, I am responsible, I am a good person, and not wasting his/herâ??s valuable time and exactly who the responsibly party really is whoâ??s wasting their time.
    Marci, if your going to copy it, and you may, I should clean it up a bit. Best of Luck, and comments welcome.

    April 25, 2001
    Your name
    Your address
    Your acct #

    P.O. Box 24509
    Oakland, Ca 94623-1509

    RE: Providian National Bank
    Account Number: 4479-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx

    To Whom It May Concern,

    I offer the following statement of facts.
    On April 20,2001, I closed my Visa account with your company because;

    1) The Interest rate was too high (16.9% APR). Examples-Citibank Platinumâ??s charges me
    under 10%, Nextcard under 10%, Chase Platinumâ??s under 10% APR.
    2) No grace period for purchases with Providian.
    3) High annual fees.
    4) Total months with Providian being incorrectly reported to credit bureaus as 37,not 42.
    5) Never being invited to gold card status even after asking. This is after being with
    Providian for 42 months, having a $6.5k credit limit, never being late and never being over limit and having only a perfect history with Providian and every other credit grantor.
    6) I was offered a $1k credit line increase for $100.00 .I called retention to decline and was told to wait for next offer. Next offer, when it came, was exactly the same.

    After calling retention, I explained that I declined the first offer and the second offer being exactly the same, only served to be offensive in nature. After confirming with retention the interest rate would not go up if the account was closed and that the account would be reported as â??Closed By Consumerâ?, I closed the account.

    I would like a written confirmation to the following or your reasons for not providing the following.
    A) Account was closed by consumer.
    B) Account was always in good standing since inception. (R-1)
    C) Account was in good standing when closed. (R-1)
    D) Account is closed.
    E) Account interest rate will not increase.
    F) Account has been open for 42 months and will be corrected on all credit reports.
    G) Account will be reported /corrected to all credit bureaus as above in the required 30 day timeframe.

    Iâ??d like to thank you for giving me a chance to perform when no one else would. I close this relationship with mixed feelings and hope this helps you understand how I feel. I sincerely wish you continued success in your future endeavors and remind you that time is of the essence.

    ------------------------ --------
    xxxx xxxxxxxx Date
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    Thanks a bunch! I will bookmark this thread and modify it for my own use when I prepare to close my account.


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