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    Hi! I have a situation that just came up and I want to be sure I don't mess it up..would you all help me put the steps?
    Situation: Have a 96 filed, 99 DISMISSED chap 13. Old CC has popped up (I think it was my ex' as I don't remember this from anywhere but he got it, I must have been on it somehow but I honestly didn't beliee so, he has gone BK 7) Not listed on final payout on Chap 13. Originated in state where SOL runs out. Living in state now where SOL has 1 year. Moving back to state where SOL is out within 3 months.

    I've had a problem with the new Mrs. Ex-hubby's accts ending up connected to me. I think it occurred because he bought car insurance when remarried and used my social security number as his spouse...i guess she had something to hide and mine was a better record, etc.

    I just got the call from the collection agency, then the letter in mail from collection agency, not the CC. I want to handle this well, can you advise?

    My gut feeling is:

    1) Dispute
    2) If no response, typical follow up..you did not comply, etc.
    3) If validate (as I don't know anything about this CC, it's hard to say much), then ??? Negotiate?

    Your help is greatly appreciated.

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