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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by deniserich, Nov 20, 2001.

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    Justices Uphold 2-Year Deadline on Suing Credit Raters!

    This is exactly why the FCRA needs amending yet again! The problem of Identity theft and inaccurate credit reporting is growing, yet decisions like this do not give consumers the right to hold them accountable when we are unaware it is being perpetrated against us until it is too late. However, Ed Mierzinski of US PIRG will be live today (11/20) at 11:50 am on CNNF discussing this and tells me a new Bill is being introduced by Senator Patrick leahy (VT) to deal with this. Contact your Congressionl Reps! Here is a link to the NY Times article

    Justices Uphold 2-Year Deadline on Suing Credit Raters

    November 14, 2001


    People whose credit ratings have been damaged by a credit
    reporting company's mistake have only two years to file a
    lawsuit, the court ruled.

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    Yes, but what the supremes did not say was that you could not sue the supplier of the information nor did thy put a time limit on sueing the supplier of the information.

    Lots of times what they don't say speaks about as many volumes as what they did say
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    yeah, it's unbelieveable!

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