Over my head in debt!!!!!!!!!!

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Bren, Apr 1, 2001.

  1. Bren

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    How can I get the creditors to work with me,lowering my rates or 0 rates?How to talk them so the give me a good deal?I do not want the B word?I want to pay my bills keep a good report.
  2. AMG

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    A Lizard Dude

    Dude! Are you like really just a little lizard yourself? You just heard Bren say no to Bk. Why not also suggest to Bren, CCC or some other credit consoling group who could help do all those things if he/she doesnâ??t want to negotiate themselves.

    Oh I get it, lie your ass off anyway you can to get the job done. It's one thing to be a lying ass lizard but it's a whole other thing to try and get other people to lie.

    You may have good info but sometimes you offer some real B.S. and I'm not even talking about this post. You're not a lawyer (if you were, then you wouldnâ??t have so much time to post a 100 messages a day here and who knows were else).

    And to all the trailer trash fatties making the jokes about having your baby???? We don't need more children in the world with NO INTEGRITY. Bren maybe you might want to listen to Lizard Boy and just stop paying, wait it out and then sue them for not being able to prove you owed them anything. That's called being a real man and standing up for your actions right Lizard Boy. Bet you can't wait to have children and tell them all about your brilliance in handling personal finance like a real man. And before you get all started on that bull about high interest and all that, being a man starts with taking a look at yourself first and not blaming the world (big corporations) for your actions. Get a life dude! A job, a little girlfriend or something, unless you get paid to be here 24/7.

    Listen up dead beats; itâ??s only a matter of time until the laws change in their favor once again. Itâ??s only a matter of time until all banks and finance companies start keeping permanent records of our applications. How the hell do you think the new BK law got passed and who do you think is having the big party over that. Wake up people, what works todayâ??s to cheat and lie, is not going to work for your kids or even your friends, a few years down the road.

    Even worse who do you think pays for Lizard boyâ??s spending and not paying shopping adventures in the long run? Who do you think will pay for it in the future? Do you think a charge-off is just that, money lost, not big deal, we can let this happen a 1000 times not worry, business moves on? Learn something about the companies and about the system and youâ??ll know whatâ??s going to happen next. Fixing credit and scoring high is only one factor, thereâ??s another side to being an informed consumer. Buy a fuckin clue!

    Iâ??ve been around for a little while and I just felt like speaking up for once and no my name is not Bobby. Fill this thread up or delete it, but Iâ??m not going to respond nor am I coming back. Have a nice life! And keep on being a slave to making small money and trying to use credit to live above that fact. LOL
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    Re: A Lizard Dude

    See ya dipshit. You have no clue what you are talking about. And to categorize everybody that posts here and sling insults just shows how brilliant you are. NOT! So why don't you get a life and while you're at it - get lost.
  4. breeze

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    You have to know how to negotiate effectively with them, or they will ruin your credit just as bad as BK. Try the yahoo group http://groups.yahoo.com/group/credit-repair/messages they do a lot of the credit repair stuff, that you do not want, but they also have techniques for negotiating with creditors so that when you pay them, they report it in a manner wich does not damage your credit. There are some very knowledgable professionals in the yahoo group.

    As it is, without this negotiating, the debt will stay on your report for 7 yrs from the date of last activity, which is the date you paid them off. And they may not get that right, either.

  5. Credit Ran

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    Re: Bren

    Lizard King

    Your info has been quite sound. You have provided excellent advice. Your letter templates have been outstanding. I applaud your efforts and your negotiating ploys are indeed effective and make sense. Keep fighting the good fight. I too received the same sort of critical comments and I too never passed judgement.

    Best wishes to you and yours
    Credit Ranger
  6. ShotCredit

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    Re: Bren

    Shut your damn hole.
    I am NOT fat and I made a comment about having Lizardking's baby. I do not live in a trailer (I live in a very nice house). So up yours, buddy!
    As for Lizardking's tactics, if you dont like them, get the Hell off this board.


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