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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Bill B, Sep 23, 2001.

  1. Bill B

    Bill B Well-Known Member

    I heard someone say they use there products..I just got the orandge glow and it was allright..I was just wondering how the oxi clean worked? And any others that people tried..
  2. sam

    sam Well-Known Member

    waste of money. Its alright like orange clean, but nothing spectacular. Only works on organic dyes/stains.
  3. MT

    MT Well-Known Member

    Uh.... credit? Remember the good ol' general forum. :)
  4. Bill B

    Bill B Well-Known Member

    To me it is credit because i will be using my CC to pay for it and i dont want to get jipped and noticed someone else post about it..You seen the subject line if you dont like the subject simply don't look at it!!!
  5. mglanham

    mglanham Well-Known Member

    does anyone know what will get a ink stain out of cotton............
  6. brad

    brad Well-Known Member

    Yes,Sulfuric acid.

    GEORGE Well-Known Member


    Different formulas for different spots...


    Very small bottle, 1.76 oz.
  8. MT

    MT Well-Known Member

    I read the post because it was at the top of the screen, and thought it MIGHT have something to do with credit. I'm not going to argue with you - I suggested that perhaps you direct the question to a venue that is a little more appropriate. So, please do not be nasty about it. "!!!"

    For that matter, I happened to be at Walgreens this afternoon and notice that they sell this stuff.
  9. newstdt

    newstdt Well-Known Member

    Waste of money. Skip it.
  10. newstdt

    newstdt Well-Known Member

    BYW, a LOT of other threads on this board get "sidetracked" with arguements and egos and the whole credit issue gets lost, so please, lets be nice K? At least this is one that's trying to help someone NOT SPEND their money on something that is useless.
  11. IncomeHelp

    IncomeHelp Well-Known Member

    Hey it is related to credit. Here is how I did it. Pour Oxi Clean on your credit report. Poof... all tradelines fade away... nice and clean!

    Don't try this at home. This is for trained professionals only... :)

  12. breeze

    breeze Well-Known Member

    Getting ink out of cotton - depends on the kind of ink. Usually - don't laugh - spray some hair spray on it, if the ink runs, spray more hairspray on it, then wash it.

    Carbona and glue removers will get most chemical stains out (contain xylene). Brake cleaner does the same thing.

    signed Henrietta Housewife ;)
  13. Bill B

    Bill B Well-Known Member

    Hey i am sorry i didnt mean to sound so mean..I gather it is a waste of money and i thank you all..You saved me like $30 cuz the wife wanted it and i hate falling for that stuff on t.v. all the time..I bought another bottle of that range glow for 3 bucks..I like the smell but it does clean my coffee and end tables nicly with a shine too seems to be ok stuff..Wife used some other stuff before it was a pink thick gel and you add water to make bottle..She says it was great but i used it and to me itwas just like any other cleaner...

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