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    Hello, (Sorry its long)

    I only wish I had found this site before July. On July 31, 2003 I paid off 14m in credit card and collection accounts. So I am stuck with lates, Genus Credit and two charge offs.

    But I made a big mistake. I pulled my credit reports and mailed checks to all that I owed money to. After all checks were mailed, I noticed that Citi Bank had the same account number and same amount due as Sherman Acquisition. I called Citi Bank to tell them that a mistake had been made. Of course I did not receive any help. Citi Bank cashed the check August 1st. I called Sherman Acq and faxed a copy of the cashed check front and back. Long story short (How do I get Citi Bank to move this money)???. Sherman Acq shows my account late. Also Citi Bank shows on my credit report as:

    Below information is after I sent letters to all credit bureas for a reinvestigaion on accounts below.

    Current status: Charge Off
    Balance $3502.
    Past due $586

    Sherman shows: Collection/Charge off
    Past Due Balance: $2492.
    Condition: Derogatory

    Help Please!!

    Thanks so much!!
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    Bumping the post.

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