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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by frankowes, Jul 7, 2001.

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    I just checked my equifax online today. I have a unpaid collection being reported from a collection agency for SDGE utilities. I went thru this with the CA 8 months ago, the amount listed is the amount I paid SDGE plus the collection fee, so the CA told me 8 months ago. I have a letter from SDGE saying that the account was paid in full july, 17 1998. They also sent the letter to the collection agency. The date reported on equifax is 9/2000. The letter I have from sdge is from 10/2000. I haven't checked the other 2 CRAs yet, I am waiting for them in the mail.
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    I would dispute this item with the credit bureau as "not yours" for a possible deletion. Since it's a listing from a collection agency, even a "paid" status still looks bad, so try to get it deleted first and don't let on that it's even your acct. It sounds like the collection agency is not keeping up with their work, so chances of them not verifying this listing with the CRA is good. Just my two cents! Good luck!
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    email me:

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    paid collection listed as unpaid

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