paid judgment not showing paid?

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by opie, Nov 22, 2002.

  1. opie

    opie New Member

    i paid off a judgment over a year ago but on my credit report it shows i still owe the money. this
    is really hurting my credit and has hurt me trying to buy a house. instead i had my mother buy my house for me, that really sucked.

    its a 2500$ judgment.

    ive called the creditor and asked that they fix the problem. they said no problem but its been over 2 months now.

    do i have just cause to take them to small claims court now, and sue for 1,000$? i dont see why i should give them another chance to correct this.

    this would also help pay for my other unpaid judgment. im serious
  2. waalien

    waalien New Member

    Check your state laws on satisfaction of judgements. In Cali, you can get them in serious trouble and get damages,

    for example, from

    Within 14 days of the judgment being fully paid, the judgment creditor must file an Acknowledgment of Satisfaction of Judgment with the clerk. The judgment creditor may be liable for $50 plus actual damages for failing to file the Acknowledgment of Satisfaction within 14 days of receiving a written demand from the judgment debtor.

    Your state may have something similar, go do some digging around on your state's small claims court website :)

  3. tracyb0313

    tracyb0313 New Member

    Have you tried disputing it? Mine was paid in 97, and was showing unpaid. I disputed it a few different ways, not mine, incorrect information, vacated. They all worked between the CRA's. I disputed the address I was living at at the time of the judgement first though.

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