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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Tyson, Oct 21, 2000.

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    As I mentioned on the thread below, that I have (along with a few other people) have only been able to find a few banks that are willing to extend credit cards with no SSN. Almost all corporate credit cards do not show up on your personal credit reports, however if you default on the payments they will show up on your personal reports as you the signing officer of your corporation will be held accountable. Of the few we found that did not require an officer of the corporation to be a guarantee, they require that you be a corporation for at least two years and have a strong D&B report. I will have to contact my associate and get the names of these banks that we found and will post or email them to anyone interested. Last word I have is one of these banks is merging with one of the big boys so it's a good idea to apply with them soon as the rules most likely will change. For those of you who have American Express Corporate cards, are you 100% sure they DO NOT have your SSN on file as the PG (personal Guarantee)?
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    I have a corporate Am/Ex card and when I applied for the card (through my job) the application asked for my SSN and I gave it to them. I thought FOR SURE that I was going to be denied the card (had some paid charge offs, collections, and 1 judgment). I got the card! Couldn't believe it. The card did have restrictions though. $5k limit for travel and $500 limit for retail purchases. I just checked my reports and I see that Am/Ex Corp Services pulled a *soft* inquiry on Experian. I wonder what information they were able to see on my report???

    So, I'm assuming that they do have my SSN on file as the personal guarentee. I was also told by my company's site Am/Ex adminitrator that if I would of been denied the card that my boss and his dept could guarentee my card. What that means is that if I say leave the company and stick Am/Ex with a bill, that my company will pay the bill and the charge it back to my boss's dept.
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    Would you please post that information as soon as possible? I'm very interested! Thanks!
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    Please e-mail me the information. Thanks in advance Jim Belletete
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    RE: Sorry for the late respons

    I've been waiting for a response from two associates...So far I have been told that two of the former banks have merged with Chase Manhattan and no longer offer no PGâ??s on business accounts. The only one I have been able to confirm is Associates Capital Bank ( Someone just sent me an email though and says they are now merging with Citibank so it's a good idea to apply for their no personal guarantee business credit card ASAP. Hope this helps! And please share if you find more info out there.

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