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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by marci, May 7, 2001.

  1. marci

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    Hi all,

    I called Capital One to ask whether Yahoo PayDirect transactions post as purchases or cash advances. I had moved money from Cap One to my account, it posted in two days, I moved it back and the refund posted in two days. Fast!

    The rep told me that even though it looks like a cash advance on their main screen, it is actually processed as a purchase. This is good news for folks who need to inflate their high credit figures.

  2. breeze

    breeze Well-Known Member

    I would be careful about talking to them regarding this. No need to clue them in on what we are doing - it could ruin it for everyone.

    Several credit card companies have changed their policy regarding paydirect because they realized what we do with it.

    This makes me wonder about posting these tricks on the board when I discover a new one.

    No offense intended, I'm sure you meant well.

  3. marci

    marci Well-Known Member


    Thank you for your response. Conerning tipping Cap One off about inflating high credits, if anyone there is in a position to "tip" Cap One off about the ways in which people do it, it is the consumer advocate. From what I understand wrt posts on CreditNet, he has even told people who called to complain about the limit reporting to do just this. When we spoke Friday, we shared some laughs about my recent "big purchase" from Sears as he verified my high credit with me.

    I think the consumer advocate sympathizes with people who complain about the limit reporting policy and isn't interested in sabotaging people's efforts to make their credit scores more accurate.

    Concerning PayDirect, I spoke with a regular rep and told her this was like a "Western Union" for the internet designed for internet PURCHASES. She understood and confirmed that it was a purchase transaction.

    I doubt she has the weight to make Cap One reconsider the policy, but anything is possible, so your point is noted.

    At any rate, for my account, I wanted to know how it was going to show up, so I toook the initiative to call, which is my right. I never discussed with this lady why I used PayDirect, and I doubt she thought it was to inflate my high credit, since the PayDirect purchase was for the amount of $45.

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