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    If you need some extra cash and don't want to pay the cash advance fees that banks charge or the higher apr some banks charge on cash advance balances here is a tip.If someone you know is going to buy a big ticket item let them put it on your charge and pay you the cash instead of the store.I have been doing this for some time.Plus you also get a grace period on purchases not so with cash advances.If you have a small credit limit with a small cash advance limit you can do the same thing on small ticket items.My friends and family have no problem doing this they don't care who they pay the cash to for their purchase.Most credit cards charge 2.5%-4.5% advance fees on top of the monthly apr.Hey keep this tip in mind it may become handy someday.You never know!
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    sorry put subject in wrong place
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    Or, as we discussed few threads earlier, you could make a balance transfer for an amount higher than the actual balance. Any sum beyond the balance will be credited to your account and they'll send you a check. No fees, less interest.

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    We offer another way. It takes a while to get the cash back because we make monthly payments, but you also make 19.47% APR on the cash advance. You have to be a PayPal member and buy a membership in our program. The transaction is treated as a purchase not a cash advance, so you may be able to take advantage of offers as low as 0% APR.

    We have been paying 19.47% APR uninterrupted since May 1996.
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    An added benefit

    Whoever you are purchasing the product for also gets another possible benefit with an added warrenty, purchase protection, or any other advantages you're card may have

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