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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by penguin, Jul 15, 2001.

  1. penguin

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    I disputed a few lates on the JC Penny card through Equifax, and they were deleted. A couple of weeks later, I received a letter from Penny's apologizing for the inconvenience and that they would delete all the lates from all credit bureaus. Great news! I wish all creditors were like that!
  2. MiamiBlues

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    Do you have a contact at JC Penney (Monogram)? I have been disputing lates on my Equifax report for over a year and it seemed with each dispute I aquired a new negative JC Penney trade line! At one point I had 4 and all negative of course.

    I finally called JC Penney directly and asked them why in God's name were they reporting 4 trade lines to which they responded they had no idea. When the rep looked up my account she said my account had no lates on file. Armed with this info I went back to Equifax, who inturn deleted 3 of the 4 entries but still left lates and an I3 rating on the remaining JC Penney trade line.

    So this morning I fired off a letter to Equifax threatening to file a lawsuit for violation of the FCRA. Let's see what happens.

  3. penguin

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    Unfortunately, I don't have a contact name. The letter was sent from their customer service without a signature. Again, I didn't initiate a correspondence with them; they wrote the letter themselves! I doubt if this helps much, but the phone number is: 800-542-0800. Maybe you can request a letter from them certifying that you don't have the lates and you can send a copy to each credit bureau you're having problems with. It seems like Monogram is cooperative and want to keep their customers. Good luck on your endeavor.
  4. SisterGirl

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    I had problems w/them in the last year when they sold their account to Monogram Bank for servicing(remember when the statement changed looks?). I used to have 2 entries on my bureau(1 major- 1 regular),but in the change over,they had DUPLICATED each one. I could not get any satisfaction w/them by certified letter/return receipt,so I took it up w/their corporate office here in Plano,Texas & finally got it resolved.

    Thier phone # is 972-431-1000.

    Good Luck...

    Sister Girl
  5. MiamiBlues

    MiamiBlues Well-Known Member

    Sister Girl,

    Thanks for the number. I tried writing to Monogram as well, since I did have a problem with my Syms charge and they were kind enough to delete the trade line when I explained why I had fallen behind. However, when I wrote to them regarding JC Penney my letter was returned by the Post Office for unknown address. Anyway, I faxed Equifax a very firm dispute letter telling them to either correct the trade line or risk a lawsuit. I included a copy of the letter from JC Penney dated June 26, 2001, indicating that they were going to unrate the account.

    I'll wait and see and thanks again for your response!


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