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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by ero2, Aug 28, 2003.

  1. ero2

    ero2 Well-Known Member

    I was just getting ready to sign up for AAdvantage idine and was curious, they have to pretty heavily monitor your CC activity to know when you dine at these certain restaurants right? I mean how else would they know you ate there? I guess my real question is, has anyone had any problems, i.e. your credit card info getting given out, weird unexplainable CC charges on your account, or is IDINE as safe as can be?

    Thanks in advance:)
  2. willgator

    willgator Well-Known Member

    no problems also aa is offering 2000 bonus miles if you i dine 8 times before oct 31st

    GEORGE Well-Known Member

    They monitor "HEAVY" to make sure you don't sign up with the same card to get CASH from CHASE...then miles from DL/UA/AA all with the same card for the same dinner...
  4. ero2

    ero2 Well-Known Member

    so if my chase stockback card is automatically enrolled in idine and I enroll my AAdvantage card in AAidine I will get in trouble or something? Or just if I try to "double dip" for lack of a better phrase?
  5. ero2

    ero2 Well-Known Member

    So should I enroll my AAdvantage card in AAdvantage idine, even if my stockback card is enrolled in stockback idine? I believe what your saying George is that I cannot enroll my stockback in the AAdvantage program or my AAdvantage card in stockback idine to get points for both right?
  6. ef

    ef Well-Known Member

    Been using both aa/idine and onepass/idine for all my cards. Has worked like a charm for over 2 years (no unauth. charges or any suspicious activity) -- just mo' miles. I've accumulated over 40,000+ miles thanks to idine this year alone.
  7. Calypso

    Calypso Well-Known Member

    I use it linked to my skymiles and have received a ton of miles. No problems.

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