Peoples Bank-any one heard of them?

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by fireclan, Oct 24, 2001.

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    Has anyone dealt with them?
    Here's my problem:

    I applied for their secured credit card program, before doing so I called their Customer Service to verify if I can apply with my residency existing outside the US, GUAM- a US territory. It took some time but they assured me and confirmed that I can apply and acquire their services living on GUAM.
    I also requested for their application to be sent by mail, which they did send. Upon receiving the application , I filled it out accordingly, obtained a money order for the full amount of $250.00 which was the minimum deposit. Before mailing it off, I decided to call their number again just to double check and to be certain, again I was reassured by their representatives that I can apply and acquire their services. So I mailed it off. Three weeks had passed and I decided to call and inquire status of my application. Apparently they had no record of my application. So I was afraid my application and deposit was lost in the mail. 2 days after talking to them I received the application with my deposit in the mail. Attached on the application was a yellow post-it note written in poor penmanship - OUTSIDE MARKET AREA.
    No letter of explanation, no sign of any professionalism or courtesy-NOTHING.
    I immediatly called them to complain and in true properness and respect of courtesy to the person on the phone requested a full explanation as to why I was treated this way. Like I was a nothing, I explained to them that I was thoroughly insulted by this gesture.
    The woman was discreet and tried to be courteous, she obtained all my information regarding my complaint and she verified that I resided outside their market area and apologized, she further explained that I will receive a letter of explanation and apology in the mail. But of course MOS later NOTHING!!!
    After I got off the phone with her I immediately visited their website and sent an e-mail of complaint.

    Basically the People'S bank is --FOR ONLY CERTAIN PEOPLES !

    This is my advise about them, be careful, they do not even want to waste a whole sheet of paper on you. (just a wee post-it)
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    Peoples is a large bank based in Connecticut. They have quite a lot of branches throughout the state - but also started going national with their credit card offers (first with low rates, then with TJX Visa- which has since gone to another bank).

    Seems like they're pulling back from offering cards nation-wide, after posting some heavy losses in that portfolio.


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