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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by joey123, Aug 8, 2003.

  1. joey123

    joey123 Well-Known Member

    hey guys.....I need to take out a personal loan in the ammount of $10,000...I need the money for my mother. She needs to get some work done on the house.My credit is 650+ on all three....however there are still some derogs showing on them but i have the letters saying they should have been removed from the oc's...I absolutely do not and will not go near any sharks like household (beneficial), or wells fargo finance...Nor do i think i will qualify for the likes of chase or fleet(although i have a credit card with them in good standing)

    anyone know any in the middle so to speak banks that will accept me.

  2. too much

    too much Banned

    Is a home equity line an option? A small line would give you the best interest rate.

    Otherwise, you're much better off going with a credit card. They'll give a lower rate than a personal loan at a bank.

    As a last resort, I would try for a personal loan at a credit union.
  3. joey123

    joey123 Well-Known Member

    yea i was thinking about the credit union route. However i dont belong to one and i dont know how to become a member. Most of them told me I have to be employed with a company thats a part of them. A home equity line is out because i rent:(...

    I mean I know beneficial will give it to me. But Honestly I dont need the point drop on my scores that will subsequently come with there tradeline and personally Ive worked too hard on my credit to go that route. Know what i mean

    as far as a credit card goes ....I have 2 right now and personally dont want anymore revolving debt ..Atleast until i get a
  4. joey123

    joey123 Well-Known Member

    I might just give fleet a call...Although ive heard they are extremely tough

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