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    The next court case that will be posted at
    will be a motion to vacate void judgment filed and won in Maricop County Arizona Superior Court.

    This will be a 7 page document which was filed in Maricopa County Arizona Superior court in which the face of the record shows that the plaintiffs in the case were not in receipt of notice of complaintants motion for summary judgment and had no means to know of motion for summary judgment or the hearing conducted to determine liability.

    The plaintiffs were therefore deprived of procedural due process rihts. The clear face of the record shows that the court therefore did not have jurisdiction over the parties, which is a procedural due process requisite for determining liability. Since jurisdiction of the parties and subject matter is essential to a valid judgment and a court must have jurisdiction to enter a judgment.

    This is an extremely interesting set of documents because it shows exactly how the case was styled, it's arguments and can be used by anyone in similiar situations.

    Again, the plaintiffs were pro se litigants, and the judgement was overturned.

    This and all the other court case documents will prove that all you have to do is study and do your homework and you can win the day.

    Creditwrench again shows the way.

    While some others would like to say that it can't be done, we prove them wrong with these actual cases.

    And it's all for free. You are free to download these cases, copy them for your own research and usage.

    We are not attorneys, and we prove time and time again that using creditwrench methods, you too can be a winner.

    This posting should be complete and on the website no later than Sunday night.

    As soon as they are all up and ready for your viewing, I will post the message with the URLs so you can access them

    Let's go get 'em.

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