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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by jsummers, Aug 27, 2003.

  1. jsummers

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    Chase Denied on 08/14 too many inq's.

    After Planetfeedback Approved plat. 12,000k

    Citi Denied on 08/14 too many inq's

    After Planetfeedback Approved 2500

    American Express.. Denied 08/14 too many new accounts and too many Inq's

    After planetfeedback.. Still denied but spoke with a very nice guy over there who was niec enough to call and ask what changed on my report. Told him had inq's removed, said he didnt want to run another report cause I would still be denied with the two new accounts from this year.. very nice guy

    Household.. Denied 08/14 too many inq's

    After PFB offered GM and Corvette card 750 each.. Declined took the Corvette card with 1500.. Took this one first before I was offered any others.
  2. BostonJeff

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    Do you have a sample of your letter that has proven successful?

  3. jsummers

    jsummers Well-Known Member

    Here ya go

    To: Chase Manhattan USA Inc

    I am writing with a question about the experience at Chase Manhattan USA Inc.

    I was denied credit on 08/07/2003, the reference number of this application is 216328003280. The reason for the Denial was

    "Your consumer credit report reflects an excessive number of recent requests for Credit."

    I do have 13 inquires listed on my credit report. These all are from May of 2003 until today. The reason for the large number of inquires is I was looking to refinance a auto loan an was shopping around. I did apply for some credit on 08/04/2003 looking for better interest rates Chase being one of those accounts.

    I have zero derogs on my credit report. I am carrying one blance on a revolving account, and have a open auto loan both of which are in giid standing. All other credit cards are and have been paid off. These are higher rate interest credit cards. Hence the reason I am now in the process of looking for more competitive rates.

    I would appreciate a re-evaluation of my credit application. I have pulled my FICO score from Transunion and currently have a 728. I am a little confused how this score would deny me a account with Chase.

    I do thank you for taking the time to read this letter and look forward to hearing from you.

    Thank you for taking the time to read this.
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