Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Hope, Jun 27, 2001.

  1. Hope

    Hope Well-Known Member

    During an earlier escapade this week, I went on Equifax to sign up for that monitoring program.

    Well, it claimed it needed proof that I am who I say I am and asked a copy of driver's license, and utility bill or bank statement. (Never mind that they have recently let me buy and view my CR online).

    I was just following through this afternoon and scanned a copy of my driver's license and was about to photocopy a recent bank statement when I got "the willies". I stood staring at the statement until my eyes fell on the charge for ""

    Whooooops!! Can't send that one!!

    I opted for a utility bill instead.

    Heads up in case any else was about to innocently do this. I nearly ruined the whole shootin match!!

    P.S. All my bills go to PayMyBills.Com, with their address. But it does show the address of service so I guess the CRAs better get with the program because this is a wave of the future.
  2. Nave

    Nave Well-Known Member

    LOL Good advice. Missed it by that much!

  3. NanaC

    NanaC Well-Known Member

    Wow, Hope..good advice! :)
  4. bbauer

    bbauer Banned

    That's another great reason why I never send them what they ask for. (LOL)

    I do send them both my DL and SS on the same sheet of paper. The two will just about fill up a whole 8 1/2 by 11 sheet of paper. Then I use a special letter instead of letting them in on my private business.

    Heck with that. And the special letter I send takes care of their demands for my private information which I am not about to give them any of they don't already have.

    I wouldn't have to worry about sending them anything showing any of the credit fixers on it, but I might accidently let time in on other stuff they don't need to know.

    Better not to take chances

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