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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by gmaof1, Sep 22, 2003.

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    Disputed/requested validation with CA on old phone bill. Amount is $586.00. On day 34, I get a letter from them, not CRRR, that says they have validated. Enclosed is a computer screen printout of a phone bill. Problem is, earlier that day, I sent out estoppel letter. They had never listed this as disputed either. Figured I'd ignore their letter as they did not know if I got it or not.
    Today, day 16 after estoppel, I get another letter from them. Again, not CRRR, they don't know I got it, and it's the exact same thing as the first time.
    Still, not listed as disputed, but they want to collect.
    Does a printout of a phone bill constitute validation?
    What's the next step for this?

    Thank you to all who have previously helped. I've managed to get rid of 9 accounts - only a few more to go!
  2. gmaof1

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    Also, if the phone company is the one reporting to the CRA, - they are still the OC - can I sue them under the FCRA for not listing the debt as being disputed and still trying to collect?
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    bumping for feed back on this.

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