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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by garnuth, Nov 18, 2001.

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    have you tried maybe a cu to get a cc to do a balance transfer....when i need a car dealers wouldnt touch me but my relatinship with my cu afforded me a car loan......paid settelements haunt you....perhaps u could appeal to there mercy and negotiate them allowing you to pay the settlrment amout while they close the account without reporting it any further.....some companies dont really want to stick it to u ....they just want there money....be sincere in your approach and prayer certainly is in order.......wish u well ....LOVE & PEACE
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    I do not currently belong to a Credit Union. I want to pay the amount back, but at a realistic rate-not a loan shark rate. I would rather pay the full amount back, but is there something I should say to persuade advanta to lay off the high interest, finance, late fees?

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    Well i don't know what to say because i never had this situation..Say if i was late once and my cc companys up my intrest like that..I would just tell them to go to hell and that i am not paying a dime..Because no matter what way you look at it your credit is allready screwed.,.
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    Yep. That's about the size of it. My advice to him is to wake up and smell the coffee. He will find out that it is a strong Louisiana chicory blend and not all that pleasant. He certainly has noble ideas and is to be commended for them, unrealistic though they may be.

    If he hasn't got the bucks to pay up quickly, all they are going to play for him is taps while he is trying to sound the revele. With both of them playing a different tune at the same time, all that comes out the end is craps.
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    This advice is controversial, but I know some here it has worked for. Warning: this will screw up your credit for at least a while.

    Do nothing. Let them keep trying to collect and collect. Let them turn it over to another agency. They'll try to collect and collect. Then you can:

    a) negotiate with the collector, who often accepts 50% or less of the balance.

    b) Use validation to see if they can prove the debt. If they fail to truly validate (likely they will), then you file a lawsuit.

    Never go with option A until they agree to delete or make it positive. And never deal with them over the phone.
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    Don't see anything controversial about that. LOL

    That's not all that controversial either. Lots of folks recommend negotiation quite highly.

    Well, that may be quite true, and I know that the courts have awarded big damages for just that little item right there. While that does prove that what you say is based on solid evidence.

    Be that as it may, I'm just a bit squeamish on the concept of running out to the courthouse if that's all I had. I'd rather not go to court at all if it can be helped and it usually can be. I've never had to go there yet, but many have and have been successful at it and some have not been so successful at it.

    Seems you have to worry about them coming up with a viable defense of it's having been a regrettable error of omission or something like that. In otherwords, you have to prove that it's a pattern and not an isolated instance.

    If you just have that one thing to complain about, I'd tend to advise against risking getting blowouts in your tennis shoes running for the courthouse.

    Gotta go for that too. They won't agree in writing then it's no deal at all.

    Awwww Why not???? LOL
    good post.
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    Only if you call a raw deal good
    So they want to trash your credit for the next 7 Yrs. and charge you 2400 for doing it.
    ----------Don't fall for it.
    Make them deleate it from your reports:
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    When they interfere with paying them the debt should be forfeited .

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