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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by LKH, Mar 22, 2001.

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    As stated in an earlier post, I sent a complaint to cap1 via planet feedback on Tuesday. I just got off the phone with someone from cap 1. He was very helpful and seemed to be genuinely concerned that I was give differen info each time I spoke to a rep. re: my credit limit. I have only had the card for 1 month, but I called cap 1 about my limit when I received it to tell them I wasn't real happy. They told me after I made my first payment to call back. I did and was told I would have to wait for 3 months. The man I spoke with today upped my limit by $300. While not a significant amount I am happy none the less that something was done as I was promised.
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    I started with $1K limit and it remained that way for 22 months until Cap One offered to raise me to 3K on a gold card without me asking. Of course in those days, I did not know about the board here. I'll let you know if Cap One does anything for me as I wrote them an E-mail on Wednesday via Planetfeedback.
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    Re: Congrats!!

    That's great LKH, hey an increase is an increase, atleast that's how I always look at it, I was happy when Sears increased my limit by 200.00.


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