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    This is Equifax's reply to my planetfeedback letter (posted below). They did not address my complaint!
    What is next?

    Equifax Customer Care Department
    1-888-532-0179 (Select option 2 from the menu to speak to a support
    Monday through Friday 8am-5pm (in each time zone)
    [Consumers: Please "Reply with History" when responding ]

    Dear Consumer,

    Under the Fair Credit Reporting Act ("FCRA") you have the right to request,
    at no charge to you, research of information in your credit file that you
    believe is inaccurate or incomplete.

    If there is information contained in your Equifax credit report that you
    believe is in error or requires updating, you may contact us via the
    following methods:

    You may choose to initiate your investigation on-line. Visit our website
    at and click on any of the products listed (Credit
    Profile; Score Power or Credit Watch) to advance to the Welcome page. From
    the Welcome Page, scroll down below the bold red line and click on "Request
    Investigation" to launch an on-line investigation.

    You must have your nine digit confirmation number to complete this process.
    If your purchased your Equifax credit profile via the Internet, your
    confirmation number is located on your credit profile under the "Personal
    Data" section in red letters. If the profile was purchased via US Mail,
    the confirmation number is located in the upper right hand corner.

    Some consumers may not receive a confirmation number. This indicates your
    file is Affiliate owned. Affiliate offices share the Equifax database but
    control the territory in which you reside. Because they maintain ownership
    of your credit profile, you must initiate any request to dispute
    information contained in the file directly with that office.

    If you reside in an Affiliate owned area you will receive a telephone
    number for that Affiliate office to initiate an investigation. The on-line
    investigation feature is unavailable to consumers residing in Affiliate
    owned areas because the Affiliate office cannot process investigations via
    the Internet at this time. That office will instruct you on their
    investigation procedures.

    You may also contact the Customer Service Department servicing your area to
    initiate a dispute by telephone. If you purchased your credit profile via
    the Internet, the telephone number is located in the same area as the
    confirmation number listed above. If purchased via US Mail, the telephone
    number is located in the upper right hand corner.

    To speak with an Equifax representative, you will be required to present a
    confirmation number to verify that you have already obtained a credit
    report by mail or internet order from Equifax.

    Finally, to initiate an dispute via US Mail on all Equifax owned files,
    please write to us at :

    Equifax Disputes
    PO Box 740256
    Atlanta, Ga. 30374-0256

    Please be specific regarding your dispute of an account: "not mine",
    "paid in full", etc. Include any documentation that may substantiate your
    verification requests. It is especially helpful to send photocopies of
    your social security card and driver's license for name updates. It is
    also recommended that any request for address update include a current
    utility bill in your name or driver's license showing the correct address.

    The correct mailing address for Affiliate owned files is located on your
    credit profile. To prevent delay of your dispute, please address all
    inquiries to the proper location. Any request for investigations received
    at the PO Box listed above belonging to an Affiliate office will be
    forwarded to that office.

    Should you require assistance regarding on-line activity only, please call
    us at 888-532-0179 between the hours of 8:00 AM and 8:00 PM from Monday -

    Thank you,

    Customer Care

    Type of Feedback: Complaint
    Feedback Category: Overall Experience

    This letter is being sent to your company by at the
    request of Erica Seelye. If there is a cc: list at the end of the letter,
    the people on the list also have received a copy. is free service that gives consumers the online tools
    they need to send feedback to companies easily and quickly. If appropriate,
    we recommend that you respond to this consumer's letter. When you do,
    please send a copy of your response to,
    fax it to (513) 618-6702 or mail it to PlanetFeedback, 1128 Main St.,
    Cincinnati, OH 45210-5300.


    August 10, 2001

    Thomas F Chapman , CEO
    1600 Peachtree St. N.W.
    Atlanta, GA 30309



    Dear Mr. Chapman,

    I recently had a problem with the overall experience at your company, and I
    am writing in the hope that you can help me resolve this situation.

    For about a year now, I have been trying to clean my credit report, but you
    are making it difficult on me. For the record my SSN is xxx-xx-xxxx. You
    keep reporting duplicate information and verifying each one as accurate.
    Frankly, I am tired of handling your quality control for you. You are also
    reporting an account that has an open date of 00/0000 of which I am sure I
    was either not alive for or won't be alive for. How can the consumer
    possibly keep up with your reports when they are constantly changing the
    incorrect information? Each time I get a "corrected" report, NOTHING HAS
    CHANGED. I am under the impression that reporting inaccurate information
    is a violation of the Fair Credit Reporting Act and is punishable up to
    $1000 per offense. I am willing and able to exercise my rights under the

    It's very unlikely that I will ever use your company again, and I doubt
    seriously that I'll be recommending you to other people.

    Here's what I'd like to see happen: I would like Equifax to delete all
    inaccurate and negative information from my consumer credit file. This is
    to include any and all late payment information as well as inquiries. This
    would go a long way in making up for the trouble I've encountered.

    Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter. I eagerly await your


    Charles Schumer
    Alexander F. Treadwell
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    I would send a certified hard copy of this to the same address.

    I hope you get a good response, like it or not we all pay for their service (dearly) and will continue as a client until the laws change (bummer).

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