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    I called Aria to basically complain nicely about the online glitch, but in the end I had no success in having them drop rates or anything. I went to and filed a complaint. Aria sent me an email saying that my concern was importatnt to them and I should be hearing from them on the next business day. If it takes them longer than that, they said they will let me know.

    SO I guess we'll see what happens. I basically wrote that it's not fair for them to have such high rates and not even be able to provide the online bill pay to a customer with another Providian card, etc.

    I'll keep you all posted.
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    I did the same thing. I called Aria to complaint about the computer glitch thing and I tried to negotiate my APR.(with a smile on my face). They would not budge. I also told them I have a Providian Gold for 21 months with 16.9 APR and grace period and was expecting the same benefits to be transferred to my Aria card since Providian is its parent company. She still told me I have to be an Aria customer for at least 4 months before I get an increase or APR reduction. I then wrote a complaint to They replied 3 days later saying I would have to wait for an offer in the mail. They apologized and blah...blah...blah... If they don't reduce my interest rate in the next few months I will cancel it. Aria is becoming the "other" Capital one making it hard to get increases and other benefits.

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