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    Has anyone had any positive/negative experiences using to complain about inquires on your credit report from companies. If so, did you get satisfaction by getting the inquiry removed.

    Also, has anyone had any experiences writing a complaint to a creditor in disputing how they report your account on your credit files, if so, did they change it to a positive rating because you used

  2. Kat

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    I have sent two different complaints to Cross Country regarding how they are reporting on my credit report, no response. I also have an issue with Cap1 but I'm so frustrated with no response from CC that I don't know if I will even bother with Cap1.
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    Can't go too far into detail right now but it would be to your benifit to send a complaint to Cap1 via planetfeedback. It will be worth your time!

    You work for the county? Go Valley Fair! :) I live right behind there.
  4. Kat

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    Yah, I work FOR the county, but I can't buy a home IN the county. I can work on fixing my credit though! Thanks, I'll try the letter to Cap1 and let you know what happens.
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    Re: MP$40

    Isn't that a shame when you can't even buy a home in the COUNTY that you work in????? I'm in that same position unfortunately. I have a friend that lives off of Blossom Hill by Oakridge mall and there's a track of condo's. Kinda the ghetto and they are going from $240-$280K!!!! For a 2 bedroom apartment basically! In the ghetto at that! My other friend just bought a 2 bed 2 bath condo w/ 1 car garage for $220K but it was a fixer-uper. It's over there by Alum Rock in the ghetto also.

    But don't give up hope! I'm not.

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