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    Of those of you who went the Planetfeedback route to get somewhere with Providian, how long would you say you waited for a response>? What were the outcomes? Do any of you who had success have a small credit line which got increased due to a letter to PFB?I am trying to get results from PFB by writing to Providian. I wrote FOUR letters to them, TWO weeks ago, with NO response. I have a $100 limit, I got my card in De3cember, keep getting told I will get an increase, but have not gotten one yet. I notive alot of you got increases within a few months, but after dozens of calls, they keep telling me I have to wait. So, any luck with planetfeedback, and if so, how long for response, what happened? Thank you, Julie
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    Called them and tell them that you want to cancel, but you have to sound very serious and bold even though your intentions are not to cancel it. I recently did it and they waived my annual fee, lower my APR and upgrade me to GOLd all for free. however, i had them for about 8 months before i called them. hope this helps

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