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  1. drmgirl6

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    I know this question has probably been asked a thousand times but here goes: How long should you wait for a response from a company that you send a letter to before you send it again? I sent one to Equifax on Oct 31st and have not yet heard from them. Thanks.
  2. EdG

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    It depends on who you send the letter to. For example I sent a letter to Capital One several weeks ago via PFB it only took 2 days for a response. Some companies take weeks to respond some never respond at all. If you are sending a letter to a CRA regarding your credit report I would recommend sending it via certified mail.

    Good Luck
  3. keltexx

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    It really is hard to say. I have had responses take anywhere from one week to two months. It really depends on the company.

    I would send it again in three weeks-just a recommendation based on what I did. But I would say if you don't get a response within 6 weeks, from MY experience, you stand less than a 50% chance of anything. I still have 2 or 3 companies who haven't sent a letter, called, or anything. Again, depends on the company, but these opinions are my experience.
  4. roni

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    From Equifax? You're not going to get a response via planetfeedback.... ever... You should contact them directly. Same goes for Experian and Trans Union.

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