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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by AJiLE, Aug 31, 2001.

  1. AJiLE

    AJiLE Well-Known Member

    Hello again everyone:

    Well, I decided to pull my Equifax again (last time was in the middle of July), and lo and behold one of the accounts that was due to fall off in November has been removed. Not a biggie, but still a help. Had two more inquiries (Target and KMart MC (Capital One) both showed up (take note, if you live in MO or IL, they pull EQ)). My previous score showed me as a "high risk" with a score of 577, this time it's a "slightly high risk" with a score of 625!!!!

    I know, not a HUGE jump, but it's a start (who knows, maybe I'll make it to 700 in my lifetime) LOL

    Just thought I would share (and yes, I got approved for both cards: Target $200 cl, Kmart approved, unsure cl yet (haven't gotten the card yet, but I'll let y'all know)).

    A. J.

    *Now if I could just get my scores up on TU and EX I'd be OK!
  2. Hope

    Hope Well-Known Member

    Congrats A.J. And from 577 to 625 IS a huge jump! Enjoy it.

    (Be prepared though for a dip once that Target and KMart card appear. But you'll rcover from in in 6 months.)
  3. fingrrrl

    fingrrrl Well-Known Member

    I have a pleasant surprise...upon disputing a duplicate student loan account on my Experian report, I now discover that both were deleted. Of course, I wouldn't dare to hide from repaying that financial obligation in the future, but it sure is nice that something like doesn't show, bringing my debt to income ratio closer together! :)
  4. sam

    sam Well-Known Member

    yeah congrats that IS a huge jump.

    Probably enough to get you a citi AA card if you play your cards right..

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