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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Becky, Jul 19, 2001.

  1. Becky

    Becky Well-Known Member

    I know I posted this earlier, but everyone seemed to get off the subject. I really need help with this. I have been batteling these CR for so long. I am real close to the edge with these companies. Please any one with any luck in this area please enlighten me how you did it:) Sorry this is long.

    I finally have all my husbands & mine reports. There are so many errors I don't even know where to begin or how! Mine alone; TU - 15 errors Equifax - 9 & Experian - 10. I have all documents supporting errors. My credit sucks enough as it is.

    How should I dispute these items, ie.... aske for valadation, verification ?????? Any paticular wording that would help in getting some of this stuff deleted?

    This is what I am batteling:

    BK 7 petition reported 5/95 - Actually this was discharged in 9/95?

    BK13 filing reported 3/99 - Actually Dismissed 12/99?

    CC showing 'charge off' reported 5/01 that was in the BK13?

    CC showing 'charge off' reported 1/97 or older with balances from the bk 7?

    Mortgage original held by Advanta now reported as Chase Man Mo. Shows various ways on each of our 6 reports.(1) correctly (2) settlement accepted &
    (3) foreclosure. Open balance & $0 balance?
    House was sold & paid in full 11/00.

    Collections; all included in a BK showing with unpaid balances reported 5/01? I had these deleted to to incorrect reporting last year & now there back?

    Have on gas card reported by a collection agency (this was also in bk) after the BK, showing a ch 7 being filed 11/99-12/00? Did not happen.

    Another CC shows in BK, but included in WEP filed by another person? NO!

    Judgement reported 10/99 that was actually a judgement lien on home sold 11/00. This was satisfied at that time. The only paperwork I have though is the release of mortgage. I get the run around from the closing agent & the county records for anything else. I no longer live in the area so to go there personnel is a problem.

    That's the worst of it. Please you have any suggestions for ways to present this to the CRA I would greatly appreciate it.

  2. breeze

    breeze Well-Known Member

    Girl, you have got a mess on your hands!

    First, go read this page and look at the letters. We have letters here too we can post for you, but you need an overview of the process.

    After you read it (the whole page, not just the letters) come back and start asking your questions.

  3. PuuOoPaul

    PuuOoPaul Well-Known Member


    Sounds like a big job! I can't offer you many suggestions on clearing these off but I can help explain why some of these entries remain.

    To my understanding when anyone files bk that means that they are protected from being pursued by the creditor. It does not mean that the creditor has to change anything on the credit report. If anything the creditor will charge off these accounts, meaning that they have written them off as a loss even after the bk. When the creditor reports this it is legitimate information It happened and it was reported.

    Judgment liens are reported as either "satisfied" or "unsatisfied". If you satisfy a judgment (pay the debt) it must be reported as such. However it is not required to be deleted. Judgments, like bk's, are reported from ten years from date of filing.

    I don't tell you these things to bring you down, but to help you in dealing w/the creditor. Being a collector myself there is nothing more harmful than a customer being misinformed and making demands. Try asking for what you want. Offer to call back to follow up, don't expect them to make the call. Ask the creditor what you can do to rectify the situation. Ask the creditor to zero out the balance on your bk account, however, it is not required. You may even still be able to settle these accounts for a favorable credit rating. Be nice and leave cut-throat as your last resort.

  4. bbauer

    bbauer Banned

    Pretty good advice, POPaul.

    I don't talk about negotiations with the creditors much because most of the people I come in contact are so far over the falls that they can't even see them anymore, let alone think about swimming back upstream again by that route. But salvation is a better way to go if you can get good settlements.

    I saw Becky's post last nite too, but I declined to answer her because she has such a mess going that few if any would want to jump in and help her out for free, and every time I open my fat pie-hole somebody jumps down my throat for trying to lure people into my flytrap and ensnaring them for money. So I just decided to pass it by and see what happens.

    Maybe she will want to stop by my website or email me after she has looked at what some of the other people have had to offer.

    We'll see what happens.
  5. Becky

    Becky Well-Known Member


    Thanks for the link to your site. It helped alot. At least it has given me a place to start. That's always the hardst part.

    The bad credit is bad enough, but when it is reported worse then it is. Especially BK that were never filed & a foreclosure that did not exist. These either appear correct on mine & incorrect on my husbands or visa versa.

    Much of the problem is that about 3/4 of the items are from 1995 and have either never updated or last update was 1997.

    Our credit has been perfect for the past 2 1/2 years. This is so frustrating.


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