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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by F.F.M, Apr 4, 2001.

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    Hi Lizardking,

    I am new to straight talk. I have noticed All of your superb postings. I was wondering if you are a lawyer ?? If not you should be....LOL...!!! I hope you don't take offense to this but, would you mind telling us who don't know or who are new, like myself, a little about LizardKing?? Not to be pry or be nosey ...LOL I just think you could help me...!! Here is the Skinny on me........ Over a year ago, I found out someone was using my S.S # and had run almost 300,000. of debt with my name on it. This happened in another state and I found out about it after it was put on my credit report. Over this period of time.. I have gained a lot of knowledge and found it's best not to try find the person who committed this crime..... Simply go after the creditor who allowed this to happen. Then the laws pretty much apply the same as someone trying to perfect there credit report ( they can't produce my signature b/c I never signed for those debts). Some of the posting you have including the one you spoke of Direct Merchants sounds like what I am dealing with. by the way ....Bravo on your letter. I am presently having a problems with them.... :-( Well, enough about me........ I am very intrigued with what all your knowledge...!!!! I hope this is ok to post or should I say ask of you...!!!
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    Re: Please Help Me LizardKing.

    First of all did you start by calling the police and FBI? $300,000 is a huge chunk of change for Identity theft. Original applications may be gone but charge records never vanish the same way. Most creditors will first ask you if you have a police report?
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    Re: Please Help Me LizardKing.

    Hi Tracy

    Yes, I did go to the police and FBI. That's what I have been doing for the last year. I was thinking I am clear because this isn't mine and everything will be alright...!!! Wrong.. all of the bills got worse, no lawyer to help or take my case, and a police report that's about useless to most creditors who want to get paid.

    My point is once they put it on my Credit report. I write them and ask them to give me proof. It is better than working with any FRAUD dept. To fraud... you brought this on yourself, you aren't the victim, and they hate to take total loss. This way is so much easier b/c we already have laws established with only a few loop holes as to Identity theft. Once they don't or can't provide proof I write them again attached with my police report. That's when I get the letters I call, " I am cleared with the collection agency and the creditor letter". So far... I have had better luck this way.

    Yes, I agree $300,000, several apartments, credit cards, and a New Ford Explorer, that hasn't been found yet, is a huge chuck of change.
  4. Tracy

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    Re: Please Help Me LizardKing.

    People are even bolder as to BUY a home in your name and even get a job in your name. It happens every year (saw this on 20/20 a while back). A validation letter and this is were I agree that threatening a lawsuit is a very good idea. A small claims or even a blanket suit against all the creditors in civil court. I'm sure you're keeping copies of all your correspondence with each creditor, which you'll need in court. The trick is to skip the collection department agents and go straight to the top if you don't get anywwhere with the fraud department. Collection agents have heard all the B.S. deadbeats try and give them so you don't want to be labeled as such. If you can, get whatever you can in writing from the FBI. The fact that you have contacted the FBI and told them what has happened to you will be enough for some creditors. I have TWO friends who have also gone through the same hell as you have and it takes time but if you stick with it and call everyday if you have to, it will all come off. Also the fact that you live in another state is just one more thing on your side. One of my friends had go on for almost 1 year before they removed it all and it was only about 20k.
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    Re: Please Help Me LizardKing.

    Hi Lizardking and everyone else....

    Yes, I did have great credit before this. I don't think I made myself clear. 300K totaled from different credit cards (here are a few)= 3 separate corporate card accounts from AMEX= 190,000 give or take, I guess whom ever had friends along for the ride b/c the same names where on all of separate accounts. They opened all in those in the same month and only took 1 month to accumulate the charges, Discover Plat, one card 22K , this was a personal card they opened in my name then added two other names to the account, apartments in GA and FL (including power, phone, etc), the Car they still haven't found, along with several other smaller cards. Who ever done this has done this before and has perfected the scam, the police and FBI made this remark. My accountant came to 300K + and it seems that I find something new out everyday.

    I am here at this site b/c I am trying to find how I can help myself and learn more about the FCRA and some of the steps. I have learned how to get the ball rolling, disputing letters and etc, my problem is follow up letters. I am not sure about how many day certain letters have.

    So to you guys out there..... you letters, thoughts, legal lingo and advice is always appreciated.
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    Re: Please Help Me LizardKing.

    Heck I had a new card for about 6 months before I used it. Then the day after thanksgiving I went SHOPPING! they called me that night to make sure it was really me who ran up 2300 in one day.

    Sorry...YEP, it was really me! Most banks check now. I can't believe that Amex would flag something. So weird!
  7. F.F.M

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    Re: Please Help Me LizardKing.

    Sorry that I confused you or anyone about the AMEX cards. From what I have found out so far is.... They opened the account(s) online at AMEX. My own card I have had for a few years was never touched.

    What they opened:

    2 separate corporate cards with using a bogus fed id # and my social.
    me as the CEO and co-signer. They applied for two different types of corporate cards. Not sure what the difference is... but AMEX said they are classified as different types of cards. They applied for the first corporate card then two weeks later applied for the second one. They also had 5 other so called employees who also had a card.

    1 card was and Optima card, this one was applied for 2 weeks after the last Corp card. Only two names on this one. I am still waiting on all the charges to be sent to me about this account.

    Spending on the two corp accounts consisted of cruises, fur coats, party shops, Superbowl (Atlanta), jewelry, motels, this only a few I can think of but the list goes on and on.

    I hope this has answered your question. I know it sounds odd, strange, and almost unbelievable...... but believe me it's true.....!!!!!!

    I am really considering calling dateline or someone about this...!!! I did read where some people had been arrested in south fl for ID Theft that worked for AMEX. The didn't say any names or give details other than it totaled 2 million. I am trying to follow this case ..!!!

    Well.... I need to get some sleep... I have been up for ever....LOL.... sorry if I am sound delirious.. maybe it's b/c I am...LOL...!!!!

    I hope to hear from you guys soon... !!!

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