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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by lena, Apr 10, 2001.

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    I have a problem. I paid on a telephone bill through a payment place non affilated with Bell South Telephone company call Ace (America's Cash Advance). I made payments before through this company in another State TX with other utility bills and never had a problem. Well I paid them and since Mar 15, Bell South the Telephone company in GA where I am now has not seen the payment. I have talked to the supervisor and still nothing has been done. I have my reciepts and telephone bill that does not show that payment amount on them I paid through Ace. It is almost as if my money has disappeared with a trace. Could anyone please advise me on the options I can take. Does small claim courts take on these cases or what do I need to do.
    All suggestions welcomed.

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    Re: Please help me/ need optio


    You can sue anyone for anything in small claims court. There are curt costs, but you can include it in your damages when you sue.

    YOu might call you local district attorney to see if you can bring criminal charges against them - they stole your money!

    Also they should be regulated by some bureau or commission in your state where you can file a complaint - what state are you in? Perhaps someone can help with that information.

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    curt costs=court costs

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    Re: curt costs=court costs

    I am in Georgia
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    Re: here you go......

    thanks breeze

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