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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by cristna, Aug 10, 2003.

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    I stumbled across this site last night while looking at my VERY messed up credit reports. I don't even know where to start to correct the mess. I'm not that familiar with the law, either, which is why I hoped someone here could offer a suggestion or two.

    2 of the 3 have me using my married name (i'm divorced and legally changed my name back) with no record of my maiden name. They also have me living in NJ (I live in CA) and working at a company I left 10 years ago. All have me living at the wrong address. There is a bank account/credit shown as open which I closed before moving here. That was over 7 years ago so I no longer have the verification. The balance says 0 but shows I have $500 to use. Store cards like Macy's and Sterns, which I closed, are still on my report (they are from the 80s). On one line it shows that Macys is still open, and then later on, it shows that is closed (they changed financing companies at some point) I had to file bankruptcy because of the divorce and 2 companies show accounts as closed and 1 shows some accounts as still open with balances.

    I also knew nothing about points/hits on a report (until reading some posts after the fact). I used Lending to apply for autorefinancing and didn't know that all those checks would lower my score.

    Can some one point me in the right direction? I would GREATLY appreciate it. Also, any advice on Lexington, the company that legally helps you with these things?
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    You have come to the right place !!!

    It might help for you to start at the beginning and read the posts on this site to give you a frame of reference.

    Don't put it off. Procrastination is the worst thing that you can do with your financial life.

    Good Luck !!!

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