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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Up1tree, Oct 9, 2000.

  1. Up1tree

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    While I was in college I incurred several debts. $1,500 with my bank. $2,500 with Citi Bank and $350 with Wlamrt for school supplies. I need to find a credit line I can get with a low transfer rate so I can just send a lump sum of about $400.00 (Leaving me on a super tight budget) To get these paid off faster. Does anyone have any sggestion with whom to apply with. I have also committed myself that any tax return I get next year will go directly to my bills and I am trying to sell my extra truck for $900.00 to help with the debt. Let's just say I am a naive 23 year old who knows nothing about credit. I am sure I have good credit as I always try to triple my payments and never have made a late on yet.
    Please help some one!!!
  2. Creditinsi

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    Hi "Up1Tree":

    The first thing you should do is order 1 or all 3 of your credit reports, you can get them at:

    You should always check your credit report at least once a year.

    Then as far as finding a credit card with a good APR, try visiting:

    They can help you find a good deal on a credit card so you can save some money and pay off those debts faster.

    Good luck to you.


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  3. samantha

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    Also try asking citibank,uor bank, and walmart if they can give you lower interest rates on your cards with them. I have a citibank card and a rep I talked to said they usually have low balance transfer rates for everyone.

    good luck
  4. RichGuy

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    My regular Citibank rate is 18.9%, but they recently let me transfer $3000 at 6.9%, with the rate good on the transferred balances until they're paid off. That was a special promotional offer in August, but there may be others. Also, let them know you're not in college any more. That may open their minds to offering you better terms or a higher limit.

    Also, your minimum payments are probably far less than $400 per month (if that's what you meant by "one lump sum.") You could take it a little easier and pay off your debts within three years at about $200 per month. Or even better, you could try what I call front-loading. Make big payments for several months to get your balances down, and then scale down to $200 per month. Any low rate you can find would simply accelerate these schedules.

    Congratulations on keeping your payments up to date. It takes a lot of work, but it can be an enormous advantage as you try to find a better rate.
  5. Up1tree

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    Oh the $400.oo is how I budgeted my payments meaning I could afford $400.00 with out any hardships. I did not apply for the card as a college student, just a normal person. My max is $2,500 and right now I am at $2,300 I just sent in $100.00 and the payment wasn't even due until the end of this month. I am trying to keep up the payments on time as some day I might really need to buy something i.e. a house or car. So I cannot transfer my other debts over as this is almost maxed, I am not charging though so it is coming down.

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