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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by m3m750, Oct 3, 2001.

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    Just stumbled on this site today, and I have a feeling I'm going to wish I'd found it earlier. I have takend some steps to clean up my credit, but I think some of them may have been ill informed. At this point I have 2 outstanding accounts, one I think is BS, and I've tried to get them to send me some verification. They claim they have, but I never received anything. Will drop off early next year, but I'd prefer to get it cleaned up before that. Other account is a legit Bally's account that I defaulted on, but Can't get Bally's to deal with me, has passed through several CAs. Amount due has pretty much doubled with the interest. All other derog stuff are paid collections or accounts. Any way to get rid of those? I've tried disputing some, but they come back as verified. Regarding the 2 other accounts, any advice on how to handle those? I can afford to pay them both off if I need to, but would certainly prefer not to pay the one that's BS or the huge interest on the other. Ultimately though, I want to clean up my credit. Thanks much for any advice.
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    Read as many post as you can on this board.
    Don't pay any thing with out a written agreement that Neg. info.will be removed from your report
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    Sorry I cant offer any "real" advice as I have been here only a short while myself.

    I have been reading posts old and new like crazy and I find everyone's advice helpful and at times entertaining. So keep reading. Good luck and welcome!

    Yours in search of better credit

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