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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Jennifer, Jul 7, 2000.

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    This might be the wrong place to post this question, but I have horrible credit and am trying to get out of debt. I want to get a loan to pay things off. I have seen many webpages that you have to pay to get the companys name of places that will even consider loaning money. Has anyone had any good or bad experiences from any of these companies......Please help......I'm getting desperate....
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    RE: Please help!!! Ques about

    These "companies" are scams. Please stay away from them. You will send them your money and get nothing in return. If you do get a list and call the banks listed, they will tell you that they do no such thing. I tried this several years ago because I was so desperate. But you would just be throwing your money away. If your credit is that bad, and you can't get one from a bank or finance company you aren't going to get one unless from a personal friend. It's possible that someone could cosign for you though. Otherwise, you just have to slowly work on rebuilding and re-establishing your credit. Forget about the loan for now. Good luck!

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