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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by dd, May 12, 2001.

  1. dd

    dd Member

    I pulled Equifax ScorePower today. I want to double check that the following inquiries are soft:

    Cons Direct Wcp SC (I think this is Equifax pulling the report to get the score. Pls confirm this)

    Q-Space - Disclosure

    Please just let me know if these are hard inquiries. I don't believe they are, but I need verification. Thanks

  2. VJ

    VJ Well-Known Member

    dd,Your right about Cons Direct being equifax. Q-Space Disclosure is just that.

    I've had long chats with equifax about the inquiries.
    In fact, it was common for them to just list it as
    Q-Space and nothing more.They finally agreed to put Disclosure in after my complaint.

    Their position was that even though it looked like a hard inquiry the fico software would pick it up as a soft pull.My position was the software could not be trusted to pick this up as soft and unless they were willing to show me line codes in the program that would do this,I would request and abide by a third party opinion.(As in a Judge)
    They added Disclosure to the Q-Space inquiries.

  3. dd

    dd Member

    Thank you.

    I was curious because "inquiries in the past 12 months" is my top adverse action code for my Beacon score (717).

    I only count 3 in the last year. So inquiries take a harder hit when you have a good credit history (no negs)

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