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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by EZ, Apr 8, 2000.

  1. EZ

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    I need your advise
    I am new on how to deal with credit and how to solve any problems
    But I long time ago , I went into trouble with my credit cards and I had no
    Other choice but to file Bk in 1985.
    I did keep one card only a Shell card.
    I had to go overseas and I had to stay there for 10 years.
    My X missed use the Shell card but told me that he paid it off and closed the account.
    I requested my credit report 1 month ago
    To find out that my Shell card is charged off
    1.)Shell Oil Company
    Date reported Dec 1996 charged off
    But the account went delinquent in 1986
    They fallowed the account 10 years â?¦.
    Balance they say 502.00

    2.)I have a collection account
    no remarks . balance 0
    opened 02/1997
    date reported closed 07/19/1999

    I was never contacted by this collection

    My question is
    Can I do something about removing the collection ?
    And what can I do about the shell card ?
    Can they can after me ?
    I can not pay the balance â?¦
    Please I need your advice

    Thank you in advance
  2. Earnest

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    First of all, there was no point in keeping this "Shell" card after filing for bankruptcy especially if "you" was not using it.

    Any way, I would dispute the item to the credit bureau and argue the account became delinquent in 1986 and was subsequently charged off. Therefore, the account is past the seven year limit and should be deleted from your file. In addition, your bankruptcy was ten years ago and it should be deleted.

    As far as the creditor, they can not touch you because this account is past the statue of limitations (they can not sue you).

    Start disputing the account immediately. If you need help, I will dispute it for you FREE OF CHARGE. You have nothing to lose.
    Email me.
  3. John Debto

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    You can get this taken right off, no problem. Write a letter to the credit bureau, not the reporter of the information. Tell the bureau it was charged off in 1986 and you want it deleted. They will verify the date and remove it.

    Be sure to get reports from all three, Experian, Equifax and Transunion.
  4. EZ

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    RE: Please need advice Thank y

    hello again

    the shell account went deliquent in 1986
    but I think it was charged off only in 1996
    the report sais closed 1996 .

    you are right I had no business keeping the card ..
    but the balance was 0 .. the one that did the mess was my X
    and I had to pay for it ...
    I have all 3 reports ..
    the only one that has this info is experian former TRW
    the rest are ok
    thank you very much for your advice

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