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    Some might know that I have hard inquiry from AllState insurance. I went to to file the complaint. I got the reply from Executive Assistant (Allstate Corporate Offices). But it seems, she doesn't understand the difference between "Hard Inquiry" and Soft Inquiry". I did call TU explanined the problem they also agree that it should be "Soft inquiry" but told me to contact AllState instead. Below is the letter I sent to Allstate insurance and the Reply from them. I would like to reply them and explain about "Hard Inquiry" and Soft Inquiry" Please help me to draft this letter. If AllState will do hard inquiry every year I renew the policy, I don't think anyone will buy their insurance as the hard inquiry can low your scores.

    Thank you all.


    Letter to AllState Insurance
    Re: Unauthorized Credit Inquiry from TransUnion

    I recently received a copy of my TransUnion credit report. The credit report showed a credit inquiry by your company on January 04, 2001 that I do not recall authorizing. I understand that you shouldn't be allowed to put the hard inquiry on my file unless I have authorized it or it is supposed to be "Soft inquiry" or "Annual review inquiry". Please have this inquiry removed from my credit report (TransUnion). It's an auto insurance policy. For the record, my insurance plan or policy number is xxxxxx.

    Please be so kind as to forward me documentation that you have had the unauthorized inquiry removed to my address listed above.

    If you find that I am remiss, and you did have my authorization to inquire into my credit report, I respectfully request to be provided proof that these inquiries were in fact authorized with an instrument bearing my signature, and for legitimate business purposes. Failing that, the unauthorized inquiry must be deleted from the report as soon as possible.

    I hope to hear from you in a timely manner so that this problem can be resolved quickly and dependably.


    The Reply from AllState Insurance
    Thank you for visiting our website and for allowing me to respond on behalf of our Chairman and CEO, xxxxxx with regard to your credit report status from Trans Union.
    In the state of New York, we are not required by law to notify you before we run your credit report, however, we will notify you if we take any adverse action based on information in your credit report.
    No information is given from Trans Union to Allstate. They are only required to give a profile decision to us. Allstate is very concerned about our insureds' privacy and the report is not available for your Allstate representative or any other Allstate employee to view.
    We cannot remove this inquiry from your credit report. If you would like to have this inquiry removed, you can write to Trans Union and they will assist you further.

    Trans Union National Disclosure Center
    2 Baldwin Place
    P. O. Box 100
    Chester, PA 19022
    Their phone number is 888-503-0048
    Thank you for contacting us. We consider the concerns of our policyholders to be especially valuable.

    Executive Assistant
    Allstate Corporate Offices
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    credit bureau need educating

    I have a hard inquiry on my Equifax report... I went to my local credit bureau and pulled a copy of my report for personal review..this should have been a soft inquiry...when I called the credit bureau person they are not even familiar with these terms ( hard or soft inquiry) if anybody cares to educate thse local boobs give them a call!
    Cleburne county credit bureau:(501)362-2880

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