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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by vjava, Apr 27, 2001.

  1. vjava

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    I just got a call from CAP1. I have a chargeoff with them for $1100. They offered that if I pay off 90%-100% they will issue a new account with a credit limit between $200-2000 (12.99%) OR I can settle at 80% and they would not issue a new account.

    I have terrible credit (FICO 470), six charge offs and 1 good standing (Auto loan). I was recently laid off due to downsizing and have no real recourse. I may be able to pay the $1100 to CAP1 in installments.

    I am in a dilemma. If I pay off, at least I have one open account. If I settle, will they take the chargeoff from my reports.

    I recently joined Junum and am awaiting responses from the CRAs for my first round of disputes.

    Any advice as to a plan of action is appreciated.
  2. BlueVegas

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    Wow...470 and they still want to give you another card...WF???

    Pay them in installments. I'm dealing with them currentlt. They said they would send me a letter on the 19th stating that I had paid a judgement in full. Guess what? It aint here yet. I'm calling back on Monday.

    CapCrooks = CapOne
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    ========Don't pay any thing unless they agree to take off the charge off off of your Cr.Report!
    Get it in writing!

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