Possible to get late pmnts removed?

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Gormadoc, Sep 22, 2003.

  1. Gormadoc

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    Here's my story. A couple years back I got involved with a debt consolidation company called Jubilee Financial Services. They told me to stop paying the creditors and they would fix everything, I just needed to keep making payments..

    Well several months down the line (and several 30/60/90 day late payments later) I find out they haven't dealt with the creditors at all and the only thing they did for me was screw up my credit and take my money.

    I contacted the creditors myself and set up monthly payments. Both accounts are paid but I still have the late payment scars to show for it.

    At this point.. I could care less about the money lost. I am concerned about the impact it had on my credit report though. Is there anyway I can get these removed or lessened because technically I wasn't at fault, Jubilee was? Thanks.

  2. Gormadoc

    Gormadoc Member

    Also, after reading through some of these posts I think I've made some booboos.. when disputing with equifax I notified them that my nextcard account (which was charged off), was paid off and not mine.. Nextcard had gone through a collector and I paid all my debts off. Equifax is disputing that and going to get the charge off removed since I had paid it off.. Should I of worked it differently?
  3. tr1252

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    I can't answer either way about getting your lates removed, but if you speak to someone higher-up in the customer service chain, you might mention this article to them, concerning Jubilee's day in court with the FTC:


    It's nice to know that what goes around, comes around. This guy from Jubilee was a real sleaze, and he's lost everything as a result.
  4. Gormadoc

    Gormadoc Member

    How would I contact someone's higher up? Who would I ask for position wise?
  5. tr1252

    tr1252 Well-Known Member

    You need to take a "goodwill" approach. Many previous posts - including letters - can be found here on CN. Make sure you understand the process.

    I'm assuming that your accounts are still open with your creditors, but either way, you would need to contact anyone in customer service and ask to speak with their supervisor. Explain the situation. Be sure to have the Jubilee/FTC case in front of you, so you can at least be accurate with the information. Be ready to fax the information to them.

    You were essentially a victim of fraud, thanks to Jubilee. It's not fair that you should continue to be a victim. Hope this helps!
  6. Gormadoc

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    The accounts were closed by the creditors after the late payments started happening.. I made payments to the collection agency for Nextcard (since then gone bankrupt I think) and made payments directly with capital one. I took out a "rebuilder" loan with help from my parents and paid both off in full. Still paying off the loan and good on those payments. Will look over the good will letters though :) thanks for the responses.
  7. lbrown59

    lbrown59 Well-Known Member

    technically I wasn't at fault, Jubilee was?
    Actually you were at fault because you failed to make sure the payments were made to the CREDITORs on time.
    You can't sign away your responsibilities to a 3 rd. party.
  8. Gormadoc

    Gormadoc Member

    So Jubilee telling me to cease any and all contact with all my creditors is my fault? I guess I was just too young and naive since I believed contracts were binding and Jubilee was going to follow through with their end =/. I guess not..
  9. scorpio07

    scorpio07 Well-Known Member

    I had 2 30 day lates with household did a dispute with the CRA and got the updated report today. Changed to never late. I am so HAPPY.
  10. lbrown59

    lbrown59 Well-Known Member

    That's about the size of it :
    You're lucky compared to my MIL who got took by one of these scams.She got sued by one of her creditors.She did get some of the money back she paid the outfit though.

    If I tell you to walk accross a busiy interstate with your eyes closed whose fault is it if you get hit by a car?

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