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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by juliedeale, Aug 17, 2003.

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    I'm reviewing my reports, I rec'd BK7 in 8,2001. Once I've gotten all my accounts to report accurately, what else can be done to increase my score?

    What I'm focusing in on now is the general content'

    Things that can't be changed:
    BK 7
    and the 8 accounts that were included in it, all I can do here is get them reported correclty.

    What's left;

    1 open CC shortly to report 400 bal/7000 CL, open 8/2002 no lates
    2 open Sallie Mae's "pd as agreed" never late

    1 closed CC, closed(8/2002) when I got better card was open 1 year "as agreed" never late
    2 closed installments "pd as agreed" University loans closed Sept 2001
    1 closed installment HFC Pd as agreed closed Oct 2002
    2 accts "closed by credit grantor" but paid as agreed not lates reported
    opened 1989 closed 1999renegotiated terms so I could go back to school

    Do I need to get additional credit? If so what would help the most?

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