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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by andreas, Sep 26, 2003.

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    I am new to this forum. I have followed the various steps to credit repair since my BK7 discharge in Feb 03 and have been successfull thus far. One of the IIB accounts (Household Credit AKA Orchard Bank) was aging with a charged-off status. I disputed this with the CRA's and it was changed to IIB on all 3 reports. However, yesterday I got a letter from a CA demanding full payment on this account. Do I dispute the debt within the 30 days, as stated in the mini-miranda? Or, do I immediatley send an ITS letter to the OC demanding the the TL be deleted for violations of the CH7 injunction, FDCPA, etc?

    I have seen this question before and know that this is not an uncommon but illegal practice, but I have been fruitless in my 'search' results. Any links to past-posts or your advise are greatly appreciated.
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    This is not unusual. All I did was call the CA, explain that this account was included in BK #, atty, discharge date. That usually ends it.
    You could try to use it to threaten the OC to remove the tradeline. It may work, it may not. It is always worth the try!

    What I find funny in one of mine is the OOC (original original creditor) *sold* the acct while the CH13 was in progress. I informed the "new" OC that it was in CH13 and that they needed to inform the trustee that they now owned the account. They never did.

    Ultimately, the OOC was PAID for this account. The second OC sold it to a third who sold it to a fourth who sold it to a fifth....

    The BK was filed in 1/1998 and I had the latest "new" OC contact me a mere 3 months ago! LOL All I do is tell them that they bought a bad note!
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    BUMP! Is this an illegal suable offense? A friend is in a similiar position except the account is 10+ years old and doesn't show up on the CR. Is this an easy way to make $1000?

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