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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Hoot52, Jun 21, 2000.

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    Recently, I mailed a post-dated payment to my credit card company. Unfortunatey not knowing the post-dated check guidelines changed back in '98 for all but 3 states I sent it out early (one week, our mail service is usually slow) thinking that even if the check arrived early, it could not be processed.

    Low and behold, the mail was actually timely and the processing dept of the credit card compay processed the check ealy. You got it, it bounced! My bank charged me $20 bad check charge.

    I received a my credit card bill in the mail and it showed the payment had posted to my account. Recently, while reconciling my checking account,I noticed that the check had not cleared. I immediately called the credit card company who told me my payment was late! The payment was taken off because of the check issue. They too were charging me a bad check fee as well as a late fee.

    Had I not called them, I never would have known there was a past due charge.

    Can I fight either of their charges?
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    All I know is that businessess don't have to honor post dated checks and banks usually don't pay attention because so many come through. I don't know what the laws are regarding that though.

    My suggestion would be to ask both the bank and the cc company if they would consider waiving the fee this time. (That is unless you have a history of bounced checks with either). If you have a pretty good record they may consider waiving the charges but I wouldn't approach them like it was THEIR mistake and that they owe this to you. But perhaps as a courtesy they will consider it this time. Maybe at least one of them will.
    Good Luck!
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    If your credit card co. is CROOKS COUNTRY BANK forget it,,they will not do courtesy's
    for anyone. As long as they can screw you they will. Other than that give it a try what do you have to lose.

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